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Free ACT Test Tips


Free ACT Test Tip #1 - English Prep | Quantities



ACT Test Tips - Quantity Questions you will see on the English Portion of the ACT exam.


Let's Review....

  • Quantity & Fewer - Something you can count
  • Amount & Less - Something you can't count
















The ACT English Test

The English Test has questions the will test how well you know some subtle differences in vocabulary. Learn when to use the terms “Quantity” & “Fewer” and when to use “Amount” and “Less.” Just remember that if you can COUNT something, then it is specific enough to use the terms “Quantity” and “Fewer.” If you CANNOT COUNT something, then it is more general and you would use the terms “Amount” and “Less.” ACT Test Tips make ACT prep quick and easy!


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Studying for the ACT

Studying for the ACT test is easy when you break things up into small chunks, instead of trying to spend hours on marathon ACT Study Sessions! Don’t think you have to take an entire ACT Practice Test to fully prepare for the ACT exam, or settle for an average ACT score. With these brief ACT Test Video tips, you can brush up on content for the English, Math, Reading and Science tests a little a time! Just remember, when you study for the ACT test a little bit every day, the ACT is a breeze!